Final presentations IMI-lab spring semester 2022

Final presentations IMI-lab spring semester 2022

Young professionals presented their concepts


Keziah Meeuw

IMI Lab young professionals presented their concepts.

Colorful, catchy, and creative. This fits the prototype of ‘’The Sustainables.”   In a visual video, they demonstrated their concept. This was done for C/O pop, a huge Cologne festival. These young professionals know how to use social media to communicate their story in a unique way. Among other things, using Instagram story highlights, where each letter of the company has a different theme. But, with their Instagram posts, they also raised awareness for inclusivity and sustainability. Two important terms that, in this day and age, will not be ignored.

Last week we had the end of climb presentations.  In recent months, a group of students from the IMI lab have been working on their concepts.  Each has its own partner and a wicked challenge.  They were able to improve their concept and prototype every semester by having a climb with a feedback round. This resulted in fascinating presentations, each with its own unique concept.

The Sustainables lived up to their name.  They showed the current state of climate change in a Tiktok. I was drawn in by the combination of confrontational images and somber music. Then followed by a graphical image of how C/O Pop might strengthen their sustainable policy.

”The target audience group would be between 20 and 38, but that’s not the Tiktok target group, that would be a much younger audience, wouldn’t it be?’’ Was one of the questions from Ralph Christoph, the festivals’ director. One of the young professionals, on the other hand, was able to effectively contradict this by linking it to an earlier term: inclusivity. ‘’Tiktok is very inclusive, people use it from all ages’’.

How do you explain to musicians what the blockchain is? For example, via an animated video and other methods, devised by a group of innovation learners from the IMI Lab. Lorem Ipsum began their presentation with a powerful statement. Their concept focuses on transparency, personalization, and a blockchain-based digital contract.

Lorem Ipsum also managed to attract the audience to the presentation, they did this by showing a QR code. Which referred you to an animated video.

Connect the Dots chose to apply immersiveness into their concept, specifically through the creation of a mini-museum. The goal was for the visitor to walk through three different rooms, each with a unique experience. But what’s it all about? Educating visitors about the issue of gender inequality. The YP’s of connect the Dots have come up with a variety of ideas for how to do this best. They demonstrate how society works using statements, virtual reality, and a quiz.

PWR merged there two concepts into one big innovative concept. The ‘’Gender Xperience workshop exists out of 2 music professionals, creating awareness for gender inequality. Followed by a discussion and merchandise. PWR was one of the few to show the potential locations for the event. They chose cities like Barcelona and Haarlemmermeer that are heavily involved in the music business in Europe. The women have chosen to go with a “less is more” aesthetic for the merchandise. Both the tote bag and the clothes feature a simple but playful design.This ensures more coherence. At the end of the workshop, the guests will receive the merchandise, which also tackles gender inequality.