Fall semester 2023-2024

This semester, we will partner up with a new group of young professionals, while also maintaining our relationships, with a mix of established and recently onboarded partners in our working field, including c/o pop, elrow, Rave Scout Cookies, and Utopia.

elrow is a Spanish company that organizes electronic dance music events internationally and specializes in techno and tech house.

The c/o pop Festival has been bringing national and international acts from the fields of electro, indie, hiphop/rap, and related styles to Cologne’s stages since 2004 – including both established artists and newcomers.

elrow and c/o pop have asked the IMI lab to tackle the challenge: How can festival organizers deal with ticketing trends and make sure their festivals are financially healthy?

Utopia Music is a Swiss Music fintech company leveling up the Music Industry through clear, transparent, and reliable data-based solutions.They support the whole Industry to make more money, faster, with less costs, and less errors.

Utopia has tasked the IMI lab with taking on the challenge: how do we design a framework where both AI and natural music to co-exist and be equitable?

Rave Scout Cookies aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive electronic music community that celebrates diversity, empowers marginalized artists, and creates transformative experiences on dance floors where everyone feels welcome and liberated to express themselves authentically.

Rave Scout Cookies has asked the IMI lab to tackle the challenge:  “How can we ensure that venues, promoters, and other industry gatekeepers are implementing equal opportunities for marginalized talent?”