C/O pop & elrow challenge  #4

C/O pop & elrow challenge #4

elrow is a Spanish company that organizes electronic dance music events internationally and specializes in techno and tech house.

The c/o pop Festival has been bringing national and international acts from the fields of electro, indie, hiphop/rap, and related styles to Cologne’s stages since 2004 – including both established artists and newcomers.

Recently festivals have experienced some interesting trends in ticketing: A younger generation of festival goers seem to wait with purchasing their tickets right before the festival, which affects the festival organizers cash flow. At the same time, these festivals and concert promoters have started to experiment with price differentiation, with the most notable example being the VIP ticket. Linked to this is the trend of dynamic ticketing which started in the US and uses a pricing scheme similar to that used for airplane fares.

C/o pop & elrow has therefore asked the IMI lab to tackle the challenge: How can festival organizers deal with ticketing trends and make sure their festivals are financially healthy?



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