Interview with Salman

In this interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with Salman, an electronic music enthusiast. He shares his global journey, starting from Bahrain to Boston, where he founded Rave Scout Cookies.




Keziah Meeuw


Rave Scout Cookies

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Salman, I am originally from Bahrain, I made my way to London at 16 to attend college, and that’s when the doors to the underground music scene swung wide open for me. I was locked out of my apartment one early morning when I stumbled upon a flock of goth ravers. I was invited to join them on an escapade in East London’s warehouse raves. This marked the start of my deep connection to the music community. It was here that I found a genuine sense of self and a feeling of belonging, something I had never experienced before in my life. After completing my college education, I aspired to relocate to the United States and pursue a second Bachelor’s degree. Subsequently, in 2015, I became professionally involved in the electronic music industry with executing one of the rave functions that catered to queer and marginalized communities in Boston. This endeavor led me to the founding of Rave Scout Cookies, and my trajectory is not solely a personal pursuit; rather, it represents a dedicated commitment to actively participate in and influence the cultural landscape of the electronic music industry.

What does Rave Scout Cookies stand for exactly?

The concept of Rave Scout was inspired by the African-American Boy Scout Movement, which emerged after the establishment of the Boy Scouts of America. Initially, the Boy Scouts of America served only white youth, excluding marginalized groups. In response to this discrimination, the first African-American Boy Scout Troop was formed, reclaiming the organization’s moral principles by challenging its exclusivity.I founded Rave Scout Cookies in 2019 with the aim of championing marginalized artists and promoting harm reduction in the electronic music scene. Prior to the pandemic, there was limited awareness and action regarding inclusivity and harm reduction. The industry gatekeepers, predominantly white males, often booked lineups that excluded minorities and marginalized talents.  My mission began with a need to make an impact by showcasing marginalized talent through various initiatives including our mix series, providing them with exposure and opportunities they may not have had due to limited resources. Since then, I have expanded into other ventures, with the most recent, Rave Scout’s Industry Training revenue that includes a safe spaces training program to train safety monitors at venues and music festivals.

Can you tell me more about your career/background?

I am a cultural and experiential producer based in New York City, recently honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 music honoree. My career revolves around a diverse ability to craft compelling narratives, shape brand identities, and orchestrate immersive experiences. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands across diverse industries, including Dr. Jart +, Six Flags, KAYAK, and DGTL.While my professional journey is marked by these achievements, My soul is deeply immersed in the underground dance music scene. As the visionary behind Rave Scout Cookies, I find it crucial to be involved and care for the community that flares a fire inside me to be a better version of myself for others.Beyond the beats and my creative pursuits, my commitment to sociocultural endeavors is paramount. I strive to contribute to building a healthier music ecosystem, advocate for harm reduction, and raise awareness about social inequities in electronic music. These efforts have led to recognition, with RA Magazine acknowledging me as “a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid, and harm reduction in dance music.” My journey is a blend of creative expression and a dedication to making a positive impact in the music industry and beyond. Why did you decide to go from London to the USA 

For my study, but also ultimately like I’ve always wanted to be in the United States, like even before going to London. But I think my parents thought I was just too young to go to. They thought it was too far, so they were comfortable with London at that time. 

What is your favorite music genre?

In the realm of electronic music, I find immense enjoyment in Acid, Speedcore, and HINRG Techno, as well as Downtempo. However, my musical palette is quite diverse, and I appreciate a wide range of genres. Beyond the electronic beats, I really enjoy the blues, jazz, and pop music.

What do you like most about your profession? 

My professional and personal life are intricately intertwined, and I consider myself fortunate to have discovered an outlet that aligns seamlessly with my sense of self. I express gratitude for the fact that it doesn’t merely feel like work; it feels genuinely fulfilling and wholesome.

Why did Rave Scout Cookies choose to collaborate with the IMI lab? 

Following the launch of our safe spaces training program and multimedia campaign at DGTL in Amsterdam in 2022, I stumbled upon IMI Lab. Intrigued and inspired by IMI’s infrastructure and programming, I decided to reach out. Rave Scout Cookies operates as a co-creative platform, and I strongly advocate for collaboration and partnership with other platforms to contribute to a healthier music ecosystem. Thus, I felt a strong alignment with IMI Lab and its ethos of collaborating with other platforms and companies in the industry to introduce diverse perspectives and challenges for the students enrolled in the programs.

Will you be collaborating with DGTL next year as well? 

DGTL has actually adopted the program permanently full time, so our collaboration is ongoing, but it’s it’s autonomous.  I’ve already structured, designed and executed the Safe Spaces training program and multimedia campaign for them. So, they’re doing it full time now. 

Could you share any upcoming projects or initiatives of Rave Scout Cookies? 

I am presently engaged in the development of a mobile app that will seamlessly incorporate our remote-first training program designed for venues and music festivals. This marks a significant milestone and challenge for Rave Scout Cookies, considering it has predominantly been a solo endeavor. I am in the process of assembling a team, seeking individuals who share the same passion and drive to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

What advice would you give to aspiring Young Professionals aiming for a career in the music industry? 

Embrace the journey of losing yourself to find yourself; it may sound paradoxical, but in the early stages of discovering your passions, navigating what truly drives you can be challenging. My advice is to be open to saying yes to opportunities, whether they align directly with your interests or not, as long as they resonate with your sense of self.

Could you share your favorite inspirational quote?  

Maybe this world is another planet’s hell”