Interview with Eline

We have interviewed several Young professionals to gain more insight from their point of view. Eline participated in the IMI Lab in the fall semester of 2021. In this interview you can read more about her experience during the IMI lab.

Can you introduce yourself?

Sure, my name is Eline, I’m 20 years old and I live in Rotterdam.

What do you study?

I study Tourism Management at Inholland Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

What do you do during your studies?

I am currently doing an internship in Madrid, I am doing an internship at Be Madrid. We organize events, trips, and parties for international students.

Why did you choose IMI lab?

I chose this minor because I wanted to learn more about the events sector and specifically about the music industry. I saw in the information that Elrow was one of the partners and that immediately made me enthusiastic. Then I signed up right away.

What is your favorite music genre?

hmm, my favorite music genre is R&B, I like many things, but that genre really is my favorite.

Do you ever visit a festival or concert?

Yes, both, I went to a lot of concerts, but also some festivals.

If so which is the best place you’ve been to?

I am of course in Madrid for an internship and coincidentally I went here to Elrow Town. That was the best festival I’ve ever been to.


How did you experience your time at IMI Lab and how do you look back on this period?

I really enjoyed it, I was able to work with Elrow as a partner and I thought that was super cool. I learned a lot during the lab. In addition, my classmates and coaches were super nice and very social, it was a really nice group.

Did IMI lab start you doing something with the music industry?

Yes, at the internship I’m doing now, I organize a music event every Thursday. When a live artist performs in a bar, I can scout the artists myself and I have to take care of the artist prior and during the event.

So you’re kind of an artist manager?

Yes, you can call it that!

Finally, do you have any tips you would like to pass on to future IMI students?

Yes, I noticed during one of the first days that quite a lot of people in the minor are already doing something in the music industry. I don’t have that myself, so it made me quite insecure, I didn’t really feel like a fish in water. But you should certainly not be insecure about that, because everyone is creative in their own way. And you’ll find your place.