Interview with Yulia

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Julia (on the right), I am twenty years old and I am currently in my third year of Tourism Management at Inholland Haarlem.

What is your favorite music genre?

I would say my favorite music genre is R&B because I really love old-school songs. I also like  Amy Winehouse

Do you ever visit a festival or concert?

Yes, each year I visit around six festivals because I really love going there. I love the people and the vibe. I am not really a club person, but I do like to go to festivals.

And concerts as well?

Not really. I always seem to miss out on getting tickets in time. However, I did manage to attend one concert this year, and another one five years ago.

And which one did you go to this year?

Giveon! That one was really nice.

So which is the best one you’ve been to?

I believe the best festival I’ve attended so far was Love Land. It was my first time experiencing techno and house music at a festival. It had an incredible vibe, and the music was really catchy. I absolutely loved it.

From your lab experience, what knowledge or skills did you gain the most?

I would say independence because you have to do everything on your own; they don’t offer lists of tasks or deadlines. So you are really on your own with your group, but it really made me creative. Your mind was always on. It was also kinda difficult; sometimes we wanted some kind of format, but we only had some guidelines. But in the end, It challenged me to be more open-minded and creative.

How did you experience IMI Lab overall?

It was the best semester of my studies so far. During my first two years, due to COVID-19, I couldn’t interact with my classmates in person. However, thanks to the lab I had a whole group of friendships, everyone was so nice and we had similar interests. Partying was one of them, we even went to the Mystic Garden Festival together. I will never forget this time!

Did the IMI lab inspire you to pursue activities within the music/event industry?

I do want to keep up with my singing because I stopped doing it. But I don’t think I want to work in the music industry. But when I go to festivals now, I will look further than just the festival.

What are your next steps? 

For now, I want to do a minor in marketing within the tourism industry. I want to travel to places and write about my experiences. This could also be within the music industry: for example, attending festivals and writing about them. My goal is to work in the field of marketing!

What advice would you give to students who are interested in joining the IMI lab? or pursuing a career in the music industry?

It is important to know that you won’t be provided with a list of tasks in this minor. You have to keep yourself motivated, you need to challenge yourself. Keep that in mind before you start the IMI Lab.