Interview with Lucas

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Lucas Garnier. I am 23 years old, and I am currently in my third year of studying Creative Business in The Hague. Besides studying, I enjoy listening to music, chilling, reading books, and learning some French.

What is your favorite music genre?

I listen to almost all genres, so I don’t really have a favorite. However, currently, I am mostly into EDM/house and some Dutch hip-hop.

Do you ever visit a festival or concert?

A festival… it’s a funny story actually. The Mystic Garden festival that Joran arranged for us, was my first-ever festival experience. As for concerts, I have at least 1 every year

How was it?

It was amazing, it was an electronic music festival. It felt like an electronic music festival. The vibe was great, and I had a fantastic time with the people I went with, my classmates of the IMI Lab.

So which is the best one you’ve been to?

The best concert I’ve been to was “Bring Me the Horizon.” They had an incredible show with amazing visuals and music.

Why did you choose the IMI lab?

It actually wasn’t my first choice, but I am glad that I rolled into this IMI Lab. 

 ‘’Everything happens for a reason’’

Yea, it’s faith :))

From your lab experience, what knowledge or skills did you gain the most?

I think my English improved a lot, so that is one skill I’ve learned a lot about. And reading, that is not really connected to the IMI lab, but because I had to travel from the Hague to Haarlem every day I started reading books during train rides instead of scrolling on my phone. So, the lab indirectly sparked my interest in reading.

But it is a nice outcome and the lab is also about personal development!


How did you experience IMI Lab overall?

I think it was amazing overall, there were some ups and downs. There were some conflicts, but the downs were overshadowed by the ups. It was a really close group and that is what the lab is all about. The whole creative community is coming together, producing these kind of concepts and prototypes. I think we really achieved the goal of creating a creative community, everyone helped each other, and everyone had their input.

Did the IMI lab inspire you to pursue activities within the music/event industry?

Actually, it didn’t. We had guest lectures, like Janneke from Mysteryland, who shared her experiences of missing birthdays and making a lot of sacrifices. That’s when I realized this career path wasn’t for me. However, I’ve heard from other Young Professionals that they found it truly inspiring and gained valuable insights. But its not for me personally.

What are your next steps? 

Next year I want to complete my degree in Creative Business and then I want to pursue a career in History. Complete 180, but it has always been a hobby of mine. And I ditched that away to get a degree in what I am doing right now. But I’ve learned throughout the years that this was my interest all along.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in joining IMI lab? or pursuing a career in the music industry?

I would suggest that you keep an open mind, because it is not like any other lab or minor. It is really holistic and free. You have to get your discipline and motivation going, otherwise, you won’t make it. I think discipline, open-minded, and motivation are the three key parts to join it.

And for the music industry?

You have to know people and work hard to be successful in the industry. One valuable piece of advice that I got from Eller van Buuren, the little brother of Armin van Buuren. He said: ‘Don’t ever go to the front door, but always go to the back door’. So you must have connections to get into the music industry. Don’t just send random emails to record labels, know somebody and get into the back door instead of the front door.

So networking is key?

Yes, networking is key!