The CopyCats

The summary of the prototype is a quick and concrete description of the final concept for the IMI lab. 

The prototype is produced for the artist to make sampling easier and more efficient. We made this idea into a reality by using Figma. This is an AI tool, suggested to us by Erwin Bloom during the AI workshops.  

In Figma you must put every action into a separate screen. The home screen shows every tab. This makes it easy to manoeuvre on the platform. You have a ‘clear sample’ tab, where an artist can clear their sample amazingly easy. They must upload the sample with a contract and establish if they want the sample to be bought or licensed.  

If an artist wants to license or buy these samples, you can search for them through a Spotify link. You can also explore samples. This way the artist can find some inspiration for their next project.  

Copyright is a complicated topic. That is why the platform also includes an education tab. Here artists can learn everything regarding sampling, contracts, and copyright.  

After an artist has made up their mind about buying a sample, the other end receives an inbox message to accept or decline the offer. This is quite easy displayed. On the same page you can start a conversation with the other artist. This contributes to excellent communication and flawless transaction between the two parties.  

Link to prototype